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The Cable Hand


Based on ergonomic evaluation, there are three key take-aways:

1- Force exerted during termination went from 253 lbs to 68 lbs. This results in a 73% reduction in force on the non-dominant hand and due to the elimination of the grasps and hold of the conductor. Grasp time/static loading time is also reduced by 95%.

2- Kneeling time/static loading time is reduced by 98%.

3- Time savings of three minutes per termination.

*Testing based on the termination of a 200A load break elbow in a single-phase transformer.*

Testing details:

Without The Cable Hand:

The worker is required to exert 15 grasps at 2 lbs each. Adding the grasp force and the static holding force of 16.9 lbs by 15 grasps with the non dominant hand = 253 lbs.

With The Cable Hand:

73% of the above strain is mitigated. All that is left is the 68 lbs exerted in the cable termination movements rather than repetitive grasps and the static loading of the working body.

Additional specifications:

Tool weight: 8 lb 14 oz

Tool adjustment angle capacity: 164 degrees

Range: #2 SOL  - 1,000 MCM

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