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The Cable Hand is an underground termination tool that attaches to a variety of transformers, junction cabinets, and switch gear cabinets and holds the primary underground residential distribution (URD) cable while the line technician is working on it. The cable hand serves as a third hand while terminating wire allowing them to easily reach for tools without the inconvenience of dropping and contaminating the wire. The Cable Hand also attaches to the tailgates of UTVs, pickups, tail shelves of digger derricks, and bucket trucks for terminating risers. It can be adapted to nearly any application and gives the user the ability to work on their termination with both of their hands, without requiring a second person to hold the wire.

Safe and Efficient

These tools make the jobs of linemen safer, easier, and less frustrating for workers, along with increasing their efficiency for their employers. Our tools should pay for themselves by decreasing the time that it takes to terminate primary URD cables, along with adding ergonomic value, as the tool will help reduce the number of loss-time accidents, keeping employees healthy.


Linehand’s Choice is based in Iowa and was started in 2019 by a group of linemen. The Cable Hand Tool was created out of a need that was seen in the industry, and it is being successfully utilized by this group of line technicians in their daily work. We decided it would be prudent to start Linehand’s Choice and offer the benefits of the Cable Hand Tool to all line technicians and all electric distributions, in order to make their jobs easier, and to help satisfy the safety , efficiency and ergonomic needs of our employers. All products are manufactured in Iowa.

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